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1 tablespoon of milk is how many grams

I have found a lot of differences between UK and US ingredients, names, and measurements which may be confusing to my US readers when I post a recipe in metric. All of the above is covered on my other conversion guide. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. Would i have to make powdered sugar any finer to match caster sugar? Caster sugar is like granulated but the sugar crystals in caster sugar are finer than that of granulated. For example, converting 1 cup volume of granulated sugar to grams weight is g, but 1 cup of feathers would not be the same, make sense?

It will also depend on on how you chop it too. If you chop rhubarb chopped into smaller chunks you will be able to get more into the cup than that of bigger chunks. However, I googled this for you and it states that g of rhubarb is 2 cups.

So g will be approx. Thanks for stopping by. I am a new American Expat living in the UK. This is so helpful. I have favorite recipes from home that I struggle to convert. I can work in both cups volume and weight. They sell the measuring cups here too should you need them.

Saying that, weight measurements are more accurate us Brits are all for perfection, eh? They, of course, have UK measurements and oven settings. After looking at several sites for conversion to US equivalents, I was more confused than ever! Then I found your site. So Paul and Mary and presenters have parted ways sadly. Enjoy your recipe books, happy baking. Thanks for doing this conversion though!

In England we have gas ovens, and electric ovens. Electric ovens can have a fan at the back that is supposed to make the whole oven a consistent temperature throughout.

So, no cold spots at the bottom or hot spots at the top. Thanks for sharing this! I do have a question, how would these ingredients be converted to US measurements? Hi I have picked up an American recipe and have used ur convertion table before and found it a great help so thank you for that. I hope that helps?

Can you suggest me how many grams they are? That can be converted for US and UK recipes. However, it is easier to just measure these using a teaspoon instead of weight as different ingredients and liquids wildly vary in weight. You have saved my life……. I was so delighted to come across your website when converting US, in to UK measurements. It is so difficult to come across someone from England putting stuff on line, as its all American.

Like you in more ways than one, I have Psoriasis arthritis amongst other thing,s and have had to give up work. I always love baking cakes, and have done so for many years, mainly for my family. I have decided in the new year to take it up more as a hobby, and start decorating cakes for family and friends, and see where it leads in the future. Please North America just get with the rest of the world and realise that a tablespoon of butter is way harder and less accurate to measure than 15g of butter.

A cup of parsley could be anything from g depending on how it is cut and packed. Make your life easier and more accurate and stop using volume for dry ingredients — rant over!

I weigh my ingredients too, Stuart. Especially for things that vary in size, like chopped ingredients. Regarding cream types, the US conversion of single cream is half and half, and double cream is heavy cream.

Hi Lisa, thats great thank you very much for your help. Is there anyway you could help me with the ingredients conversion to US cups? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated as I keep finding conflicting conversion amounts online. Thank you so much! I get so many requests so I hope you can understand. I will however, say that it is best to weigh out ingredients for macarons as they need very precise measurements to work out well.

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