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How many different pokemon series are there

Random Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. Page Actions Watch Random Anime. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Tracey from the anime-only Orange Islands arc, the Kalos gang , and the Alola students. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! Original series Kanto and Johto. Indigo League Episodes Season 2: The Johto Journeys Episodes Season 4: Johto League Champions Episodes Season 5: Master Quest Episodes Japanese version: Advanced Episodes Season 7: Advanced Challenge Episodes Season 8: Advanced Battle Episodes Season 9: Battle Frontier Episodes Japanese version: Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh.

Diamond and Pearl Episodes Season Battle Dimension Episodes Season Galactic Battles Episodes Season Sinnoh League Victors Episodes Japanese version: Sinnoh League Episodes Specials: Black and White Unova. Rival Destinies Episodes Season 16 Part 1: Aventures in Unova Episodes Season 16 Part 2: Adventures in Unova and Beyond Episodes Japanese version: Episodes Best Wishes! Season 2 Episodes Best Wishes! Episode N Episodes Best Wishes! Decolora Adventure Episodes Specials: X and Y Kalos.

XY Episodes Season Kalos Quest Episodes Season XYZ Episode Japanese version: Sun and Moon Alola. Ultra Adventures Episodes ?? By the end of Kanto they scrapped it.

The original series conclusion to the anime was meant to be a climactic final battle between Ash and Gary The unopened GS Ball that appears in the original series is built up to be important, but after it’s dropped off at Kurt’s place it’s never brought up again. The Meteonite is never brought up again after “A Venipede Stampede”, as the final episodes involving them were never aired because of the Tohoku earthquake.

Various trailers and a synopsis based on leaked information show that it went pretty much how one would expect it to go – with Team Plasma stealing the Meteonite from Team Rocket, the two teams fighting over it, and Ash intervening and having Pikachu destroy it to end the conflict.

Any plot involving Jessie’s Missing Mom Miyamoto being reunited with her will likely never be resolved. The Birth of Mewtwo. Actually, I Am Him: This is utilized with several Gym Leaders. Many, most notably Lt. Surge, Erika, and Skyla, are egotistical Jerkasses with a condescending demeanor towards their challengers or, in Erika’s case, towards those who don’t appreciate the perfume her gym makes.

Pryce is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who is cold towards Pokemon due to a misunderstanding with his Piloswine long ago, although he does get better when the Piloswine is found and the situation explained. Surge, while cocky in the games, isn’t nearly as mean about it as he is in the anime being a Type 2 Eaglelander instead of a Type 1. All of them make friends with the heroes in the end to downplay the trope. Misty downplays this more than the others, as her anime counterpart is a tsundere with a temper though she calms down once Togepi enters the picture while her game counterpart doesn’t seem to be that way except for one occasion in the Gen 2 games.

The English dub also toned down her narcissism compared to the Japanese version. Iris in the games is very peppy and nice; however in the anime, while heroic, she’s far more smug and bratty than in the games, her Catch-Phrase telling Ash that he is “just a kid” due to his immaturity despite being the same age as him , although like Misty she ends up maturing mostly out of this by the end of her run. Inverted with Gary in the English dub. In Japan, he and Ash are friendly rivals and Gary is respected, if infuriatingly cocky.

The dub has Gary start out far more insufferable and rude in general and he is a jerk towards Ash, though does gradually develop and mellow in line with the Japanese depiction.

This makes his depiction more akin to that of the games. Due to Early Installment Weirdness as a whole, most of Kanto is depicted as something of a Crapsaccharine World , with many civilians overzealous as trainers and apathetic towards Ash’s hassles from being a rookie. This was toned down in later regions, with subdued exceptions Petalberg City of Hoenn is shown to have a whole northern area populated by aggressive Norman fanboys for example, though Norman himself and the area of Petalberg he resides is largely as friendly as in the games.

Downplayed for Sophocles, who is much more of a know-it-all and a Deadpan Snarker than his more introverted games counterpart, but still usually friendly and helpful. Clair’s anime personality is far nicer and more professional than her game one. This happens with Gladion: While his counterpart in the Sun and Moon series has shades of these traits, he is also shown to have a more noble attitude towards his relationships with people; such as treating Ash in a more friendly manner and fighting off Team Rocket and the recurring Team Skull grunts.

He also doesn’t seem to have any relation to Team Skull and has a different reason for running away from home, almost solely revolved around his Big Brother Instinct towards Lillie.

Also while he is occasionally standoffish towards Ash’s own protectiveness towards Lillie, it is either for genuine errors or simply because he doesn’t want him involved in their dangerous matters.

Poison Immunity but increased damage taken by Psychic attacks in the case of Bulbasaur , whose secondary type in the games in Poison. Similarly, Abilities are not mentioned unless applicable to the plot. If an applicable circumstance does come up, either the encounter plays out per game logic and we learn about the secondary factor then , or not , or the encounter plays out as though the secondary factor isn’t there at all. This was particularly handy back when the games had more of an Excuse Plot.

Conversely, any adaptations of the anime such as The Electric Tale of Pikachu inevitably suffered from massive Compressed Adaptation. There’s a Trainer’s School on Route 1, but it doesn’t have much story focus. Here, it’s the main location of the region. Gary doesn’t have a sister like his game counterpart, since Ash doesn’t need the Town Map she provides.

Game rivals Wally and again Hugh are completely absent. Silver cameos briefly in the intro of the Raikou special, under the name “Kamon”. The part of the game she’s in requires visiting Kanto to get the region’s badges, which Ash didn’t do since he’d already gotten them all.

While their existence is acknowledged, some Elite Four members from Hoenn, Unova and Kalos are never shown. Sinnoh’s Frontier Brains bar Palmer don’t appear. The original incarnation of Team Plasma and the Shadow Triad are absent from the anime. While the original incarnation of Team Plasma was set to appear before those plans fell through, there is no evidence that the Shadow Triad would have ever been in the show.

The Team Rocket Executives have never appeared in the anime. Alternative Foreign Theme Song: As with a number of other anime dubs, the series has numerous English theme songs, all of them different from the Japanese version.

For example, here’s the original opening. All-Cheering All the Time: In the Kanto League, Gary’s cheerleaders did this. All Love Is Unrequited: Moreso in the English dub, but despite it being fairly obvious that Misty has a crush on Ash, he remains oblivious and seems to only regard her as a very good friend.

It’s implied this is more due to immaturity than an outright lack of interest on his part though. All Myths Are True: It’s a recurring point of the anime that Ash lose tournaments by at least two fights Sometimes subverted, as Tobias beat Ash and went on to win the Lily of the Valley Conference and Ash lost to Alain in the finals of the Lumiose Conference, but double-subverted in Alain’s case by his own admission to himself that Ash is a better trainer due to Alain’s actions in helping Team Flare.

Ambiguously absent parents seem to be the norm for the protagonists for the anime. Ash’s father was mentioned once in the second episode, but its famously not elaborated on any further, but that’s still more then his friend’s parents. No mention of Dawn or Serena’s fathers has been made, Lana’s father is similarly absent, but was mentioned by Lana once.

Clemont and Bonnie’s mother isn’t mentioned. Neither is Mallow’s mother. Neither of Misty’s, Iris’s or Cilan’s parents are mentioned at all. Misty’s parents are said to have abandoned Misty and her older sisters according to Pocket Monsters:

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